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October 8, 1910 Oldsmobile began manufacturing the slightly upscale Viking in 1929. November 9, 1929 The 1937 models introduced a four-speed semi-automatic transmission. A clutch pedal allowed drivers to operate in low range, shifting automatically between first and second gear, or operate in high-range, shifting between third and fourth gear speeds. April 17, 1937 Three years later, Oldsmobile introduced its fully automatic Hydramatic transmission in its 1940 models. December 14, 1940 Oldsmobile produced its last automobile for the duration of the war on February 5, 1942.

May 28, 1949 The 1958 model was big, powerful, and payday loans online decked with chrome. April 5, 1958 The Toronado introduced in 1966 featured distinctive front-end styling and the first front-wheel drive on an American car in almost 30 years. October 8, 1966 The same year the Toronado was introduced, Oldsmobile produced its Vista Cruiser with distinctive skylights above the backseats and rear compartment. November 5, 1966 Beginning in 1961, Payday loans online offered its mid-size Cutlass line.

September 1, 1971 The Post had a long association with Oldsmobile. We published some of its very first ads in 1902. In 1999, the magazine ran its last ad for the automaker, just five years before the division was shut down. November 1, 1999I pay day loan love these series. Ford, Chevrolet, Buick, and now Oldsmobile.

An era when our country was great. The 1911 7-passenger Limited is pretty astonishing. As a vintage car guy, I never knew about the Viking. I love the art work depicting a beautiful Fall day, and that gas station is great.

The storm clouds kind of unwittingly represent the looming full force engulfment of the U. Although Oldsmobile is gone now, they certainly lived up to their potential. Jeff, would you mind doing some ad features on Mercury, Dodge, Pontiac, Cadillac or maybe even Packard too.

Bob Sassone rounds up the week's news in pop culture, books, food, technology, health, and current events, looks back at important moments in history, and gives a preview of upcoming holidays and events. Visit our history page for his latest discovery. He also reviews other well-regarded illustrators and shares stunning but rarely seen sketches and paintings.

His column keeps you up to date on the latest scams and offers recommendations on protecting yourself from digital criminals. Her hilarious and poignant exploits will have you eagerly awaiting each weekly chapter. Cutlass models included a convertible, two-door coupe and two-door hardtop. The standard Cutlass V-8 during 1964-67 was a 330-cid cast-iron design.

The first 4-4-2 performance package, available on Cutlass and two-door F-85 models, was released mid-1964. It included a four-barrel carburetor, four-speed stick and dual exhausts. An appealing facelift refreshed the Cutlass line for 1965, while the 4-4-2 package gained an exclusive 400 cid V-8-available with manual or automatic transmission. Sleek Cutlass offerings for 1966-67 shared their round wheelhouses with most contemporary full-size Oldsmobiles.

The 1966 Cutlass line included a new and luxurious Supreme four-door hardtop. A full Supreme series followed for 1967, available with I-6 or V-8 power. W-30, ensured the Cutlass 4-4-2 lived up to its "Civilized Supercar" reputation. Authentic 1964-67 Cutlass 4-4-2s are valuable muscle cars today, and any Cutlass of the period can be an engaging collector car.

Wheel Base: 115 in. We've been providing information and resources for the Oldsmobile G-Body community since 1998. We provide these services free of charge in the hopes of preserving this segment of the hobby.

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